Top Motorbike Gadgets for 2015 – The JunoJumper

One of the drawbacks of a motorbike is lack of storage. All that safety and emergency equipment has no place to be stored, especially a portable battery charger. But imagine being able to power up your electronics or jumpstart your battery in a pinch using a device the size of your mobile phone. The JunoJumper is the lightest and most portable battery charger to be released, and it can jumpstart your bike too.

Jumpstart Your Motorbike!

The JunoJumper will allow you to charge your bike battery or give your bike a jumpstart in an emergency. The lithium battery in a JunoJumper has enough juice to jump a 6-cylinder car and is guaranteed to jump start a 1200cc Motorbike over 500 times before losing efficiency.

Charge All of Your Devices

Most motorbike riders carry a smartphone, camera, helmet cam, GPS system, hand radio, helmet intercom, and a tablet or laptop. That is a lot of devices draining precious battery juice from the motorbike. But the JunoJumper can save and even extend your bike’s battery life by allowing you to charge up all your devices constantly. The Juno Power Jumper’s external battery will help you keep your devices charged while riding, or when taking a break at a café, work, or a hotel.

Bigger On the Inside

The JunoJumper is amazingly small, measuring just 5.5 inches x 3 inches, and only weighs 200g. Yet the lithium technology on the inside means the battery charger can keep on giving for hundreds of recharges while still having enough juice left to jumpstart your motorbike.

Save the Day with JunoJumper

Imagine being out for a ride with your motorbike buddies and one of them has a dead battery, you can save the day without worrying about a dead battery yourself. JunoJumper is one of those devices that helps you to keep on giving; it provides you with enormous amounts of power while still being light enough and small enough to comfortably go where no battery charger or jumper has gone before, out on the open road without cumbersome bike trunks and bags. Save the day with JunoJumper!

For more information about the JunoJumper Take a look at the video below.