Top Car Gadgets for 2015 – DroneMobile

One of the must-have tech gadgets of the year, DroneMobile allows you to remotely control your car from your phone. You can’t take it for a spin like an RC car, but you can start it, turn on the heat, lock and unlock your doors, and track your vehicle wherever it goes.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

To run a fully functional DroneMobile app you will need to install a compatible security system or remote start onto your car. Then you need to install the app onto your phone. DroneMobile is fully compatible with Computer, Computer Pro, Arctic Start, NuStart, and FTX Remote Start and security systems.

Drone Features

• customisable auxiliary functions

• Geofence and curfew alerts for driver monitoring

• GPS tracking

• Keyless entry

• Low battery alerts

• Push notifications for security alerts

• Regular maintenance reminders

• Remote start

• Remote start shutdown

• Security system activation/deactivation

• Speeding alerts for driver safety

• Trunk release

Very Cool Features of the DroneMobile

Through the smartphone app, your phone connects to the Drone Module, which allows you full access to your car’s security system, GPS tracking, and computer systems. Imagine being able to check your car’s maintenance information, know immediately if it is being broken into, and be able to find it easily in a car parking lot on a busy day. Imagine being able to start your car and turn on the heater, while having your morning coffee, before leaving the house for work.

Compatibility with Your Car

The DroneMobile is compatible with all makes and models of car as long as they are fitted with a compatible security or starting system. The equipment needed comes in bundled packages which include “Start It” and “Max It”, both which offer telematics, GPS, and remote start abilities, while Max It also provides additional security bundled services, including the ability to know remotely if your car has been damaged or broken into right from your smartphone. Finally, a yearly subscription provides all the great services of DroneMobile including the assurance that you can wake up to a warm vehicle and keep tabs on maintenance without raising the bonnet on a cold snowy morning.