Honda Service Schedules and Maintenance Minder

Regular servicing can help to avoid costly and unforeseeable bills later down the line. To help drivers and to make sure that every Honda performs at its peak, newer models of Honda have done away with the confusing service schedule and have replaced it with an efficient and helpful system which lets you know exactly when your car needs to go in for a service.

What is the Honda Maintenance Minder?

The Honda Maintenance Minder is a display that lets the driver see when the car needs to go in for a service through showing engine oil life. This system drops down from 100% as you rack up miles, letting you know in plenty of time when your car needs to go for a service. The onboard computer watches over all of the systems, monitoring speed, time, engine temperature, and the vehicle usage. Through analysis of these elements the system can calculate when you should take your car in for a service.

The readout is displayed where the odometer is. To show your oil life, you should press the Select/Reset button. Once you have viewed this information, you can return to the odometer by pressing again. The Maintenance Minder Light will turn on when your car reaches 15% engine oil life. You should plan on taking your car for its service when this light appears.

What is the letter or number displayed next to the wrench and percentage?

The display may show a letter or number when it reaches a service milestone.

Honda 3

Please note that there won’t always be a number. This is triggered when appropriate.

What about older models?

If you have an older model Honda, you should change the oil and oil filter, inspect the brakes, check fluid levels and inspect and rotate your tyres at 7,500 – 22,500 – 37,500 – 52,500 – 67,500 and 82,500 miles. Further checks and maintenance should be carried out between these. Consult your local Honda specialist at Town Garage for further details.