Honda CRV – The Top 2 Gadgets of 2014

Honda announced that their CRV edition of vehicles in 2014 will have many new gadgets not seen in the mini car-SUV hybrids known as the CRV. Among the top ranking competitors of must-have driver gadgets, Honda have added entertainment and seating to an already loaded deal.

The Kenwood Entertainment System

The Honda CRV 2014 cruiser editions come pre-loaded with an amazing package with the Kenwood entertainment system. This package is included in the cruiser editions 2.0 S and 2.4 SX. The Kenwood Package is a six-inch touch screen entertainment system complete with DVD player, iPod and iPhone dock or connections, video playback, radio, CD player, and USB ports. With built-in Garmin navigation—multi-route and eco-route functions—that can be used simultaneously while other entertainment functions are playing using the split-screen functionality. Additionally, the Kenwood entertainment system is easily controlled via controls on the steering wheel.

An Optional 3rd-row Seat

That’s right, if you can’t choose between a car, SUV, or minivan now you don’t have to. The Honda CRV now has an optional after-market 3rd row detachable seat for all your minivan passenger needs without the hassle of an over-sized minivan or SUV. It is light weight and easily detaches to provide ample room for cargo. For those long road trips where you just need to seat seven family members, the CRV does a fantastic job of combining room, comfort, and style.

Enjoy Urban Refinement with Country Driving

When you combine all the options the Honda CRV offers with the optional 4-wheel drive models, it is easy to see why Honda was voted one of car and drivers’ best family-friendly and safe vehicles in 2014. By enjoying the convenience and gas mileage of a car with all the comforts of an SUV and minivan, you can take an off-road trip with the whole family and save on fuel while enjoying all the creature comforts during your classy trip in your CRV. Remember that, with the Honda CRV, you don’t have to sacrifice fuel efficiency, simply toggle on the ECON mode and allow the CRV to do its magic and increase the performance and efficiency of the CRV engine!