Adrian Harrison, Spring Cup 2015 write-up

This year’s road racing season kicked off last weekend and was subjected to typically British weather. After arriving at Oliver’s Mount in Scarborough for the Spring Cup in the glorious sunshine that Friday provided we woke to a decidedly grey morning on the Saturday, cue the wellies and brollies!

A few upgrades had been made to the 600cc Honda over the winter and Adrian was looking forward to giving them a go on the roads for the first time.

With this in mind Adrian set about changing wheels for the iffy wet weather before qualifying began and off out he went on the 600cc Honda for the Junior race, with the on/off drizzly conditions he had managed to qualify 5th in his group. With no time to lose he was back in and jumped straight on to the 650cc Kawasaki for qualifying in the Super Light Weight class, watching him crawl back on to this machine for another year you can tell this is still a bike that Adrian really gets on with. Finally it was time to qualify for the Spring Cup mixed class race, in the slightly improved weather Adrian took the 600cc Honda back to the road for a few more laps, mixed in with the larger 1000cc machines Adrian was able to stretch the legs of the Honda and get a feel of the improved bike.

After a lengthy delay racing finally got underway and thankfully the rain held off for the rest of the day, the Junior race was first on the day so out he went with the 600 to take his place on the grid and bagged a 5th place finish. Next to the grid was the Super Light Weight 650cc Kawasaki, because of some technical problems they did not have a qualifying time for Adrian so he had no grid position, “back of the grid you go!” So starting from dead last, 22nd position, he managed to fight his way through to an admirable 7th place, Adrian commented “you feel like a god passing that many people!” you can clearly see that he is enjoying being back on the bike after being deprived for a long winter. He finished the day with a 7th place in his Spring Cup group, then back to the paddock for a warm up and a good night’s sleep.

Sunday dawned with even worse weather than Saturday, consistent rain and wind meant the day was plagued by delays and little offs. Donning a dodgy body warmer over his leathers Adrian took the 600 out first for the second junior race of the weekend but after 2 laps decided the tyre that he was running was not suitable for the conditions and pulled the bike in to avoid incident. Unfortunately the weather continued to be troublesome and wet so when Adrian took to the track with the 650 for the final Spring Cup race it was dismal, he had managed to claw through to 3rd place by the final lap and with the front runners in sight he was going for the win…… All of a sudden the bike slipped away, thankfully other than being full of Scarborough’s finest top soil the bike and Adrian were fine and ready to go back out. In the Super Light Weight 650 after his performance on Saturday Adrian set off 7th in the race, fighting his way through for an even better 4th place finish.

Overall it was a reasonably good outcome for the first road meeting of the year and in the horrible conditions that all the riders were faced with. When we spoke to Adrian he said that he is looking forward to getting to the TT and riding the bike again, fingers crossed he gets the sunshine again this year.