6 Basic Tips for Keeping Your Motorbike Well-Maintained

While motorbikes are built for solid performance and dependability, any vehicle will only outperform expectations with regular tender loving care. Keeping your bike in top shape includes regularly filling and flushing the fluids at manufacturers’ recommended levels using manufacturer-approved products.

Anti-Freeze or Radiator Coolant

Resist the urge to fill your radiator up with water, especially if that water is not distilled. Water is highly corrosive and leads to rust and leaks. Further, non-distilled water has a lot of calcium and sediments, which can lead to build-up and over heating. Instead, opt for manufacturer-approved coolant with specs that suit your make and model of motorbike along with the climate you live in and the kind of driving you do regularly. Make sure to check coolant levels every week on a schedule and flush at least twice per year, preferably in a shop where they can dispose of the old fluid.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is essential to the proper working of the brakes. Remember that brake fluid can evaporate and leak, so get yours checked regularly and have it replaced yearly along with your brake-shoes during your regular tune up.

Fuel Injector

It’s not something most bike owners think about, but a properly working fuel injector can maximise fuel efficiency and vehicle performance. A partially clogged or worn down fuel injector can result in other bike issues and costly repairs over time.


Motor oil is more than an engine lubricant, it is what keeps your motorbike’s engine hydrated and performing at its peak. When your oil becomes low and used, it becomes a thick sludge that cannot possibly allow full function of your engine. Regular motor oil flushes of the right weight and type for your vehicle and season, can keep your vehicle in prime condition. Remember to ask for your filter to be changed too.

Power Steering Fluid

Remember to check your power steering fluid every month and add some regularly. When your power steering fluid gets low, your vehicle can become a dangerous weapon that causes accidents due to improper and difficult steering abilities.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid helps your bike’s gears shift smoothly and correctly. Without regular fresh transmission fluids, and regularly cleaning your transmission with new transmission fluids, you run the risk of damage to your gears and worse.

Remember to check all fluids monthly and change the filters and fluids every season. Changing the motor oil and filter, antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid will help prevent corrosion and rust. If you purchased your motorbike directly from a dealer or factory, it is likely they will have given you a calendar and set guidelines regarding when to return for a fluids check.