5 Top Geeky Motorbike Gadgets of 2014

There are so many awesome gadgets for motorbike enthusiasts that have come out this year. If you are having trouble choosing just one, you are not alone. Here are the top five geeky ones so far:

Garmin Zumo 665 Motorcycle GPS

Never lose your way with the Garmin Zumo 665 Motorcycle GPS. Garmin has cornered the market with this GPS system specially designed to work with motorbikes. It’s waterproof, glove friendly, and cooperates with your Bluetooth devices and voice prompts. It is also XM and FM radio and traffic radio compatible!

Scala Rider Q2 Pro Multiset Communication System

Forget your Bluetooth and mobile phone communication between riders, this intercom system will not just connect you to your Garmin GPS, but it will connect you to your mobile phone and directly to other riders up to 2,300 feet away.

GoPro Motorsport Hero Wide Lens HD Digital Camera System

Relive those glorious rides through sunsets and countrysides using a nearly bullet-proof camera system by goPro. The wide-lens camera system captures everything in high-def with motion control, to make the video smooth.

Symtec Heat Demons Metric Standard Grip Warmers

Okay, these are just way cool even for the non-geeky motorbike drivers. All the expensive super-padded and insulated gloves in the world can’t make your hands warmer, but these grip warmers can. Beat the freezing hand chills and adjust the grip warmers to your comfort levels using easy to read LED lights and lit buttons! The grip warmers mount easily and come in two styles that match easily with any bike style.

Basic Luggage Electrix Tankbag & Saddlebag Power Kit

How cool is this, power your electronics while you ride! Turn your saddle bag or tank bag into a super charging station for your cell phone, camera, GPS, satellite radio, radar detector, air compressors, or bluetooth headsets. Use a battery lead, power outlet, or a battery charger to power up devices right on your bike.

Looking to the future Town Garage wants to give a special Mention to the ‘Skully’

The Skully is a helmet designed to increase safety for bikers while also improving ride experience overall. The HUD (heads up display), rearview camera, and voice activated controls are designed to this specification with both safety applications and ride experience benefits. A lot of people are speculating this is the helmet of the future, and its hard to disagree with them. Current stocks are limited and development is ongoing. We at Town Garage recommend you keep a keen eye on the Skully, even if not to buy, we think this product could impact every riders in the future

There are so many super geeky motorbike gear options out this year, and most are reasonably priced. These five are just a snapshot of over 50 top-rated motorbike gadgets that were released in 2014. While looking at the items above, don’t forget the essentials, like alarm systems to keep your bike gear protected from theft, and electronic stabilising gadgets to keep your electronics protected from the wear and tear of the road trips.